Martin Dwyer on Facebook – 20 March 2019

The picture shows four coffee pots, a small selection of the coffee making appliances which we own. These all operate in the same way and are traditional Italian Espresso Coffee makers. The second from the left is the one I use every morning, it is a Bialetti pot and costs about €30 new (much less second hand and fairly easily available).

Basically the system is the same with each of these coffee makers. You fill the bottom reservoir with water, put coffee into the basket which sits on top, screw back on the lid (or the top of the pot) and put it on the heat. When the water at the bottom boils it forces steam through the dry coffee into the top receptacle and so deposits the fresh coffee in the pot (or cups).

Now Bialetti, who makes most of these beauties, have announced that they will probably be forced to close by the end of the year due to falling sales. They are far too sporting to say so but the problem is the Nespresso machine.

First thing to note is that the Nespresso costs about 5 times as much as our friendly Bialetti. And then there are the pods. These are painfully expensive and environmentally disastrous and ( and this is the most important) the coffee they produce is no better, and to my taste buds not as good as, that produced by the original method.

Because I love my coffee in the morning ( I have at least two of the second pot before I become civil) I grind my coffee before I brew, also, and purely to my own taste, I grind a mixture of 50% Ethiopian Beans with Italian High Roast Espresso Beans and I fill the basket to about 75%. Later on I will possibly have a stronger cup by using more coffee but will then add some whipped hot milk. My machine permits me to have those options.

I suppose it is pointless to beg all you Nespresso users to ditch the white elephant which you have bought at such enormous expense but maybe you could buy a little Bialetti to keep them in business and then it will be there and ready on the inevitable day when the Nespresso blows up and we all start to drown in used coffee pods.

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