There are lots of ways to cut down on plastic whether you’re a family, a business, school or other organisation.

Here are some of our favourite tips that are easy to follow and can make a big difference:


  1. Carry or provide reusable bags, bottles, lunch boxes and cutlery
  2. Say NO to single-use bags, straws and other disposable plastic items wherever possible.
  3. Bring your own bags to the supermarket for loose fresh produce – some shops will even accept your own containers for meat, fish and cheese
  4. Dine in at cafes and restaurants that use real cups and crockery
  5. Actively support shops and businesses that are taking steps to reduce plastic – and ask others what steps they are taking.
  6. Swap liquid soap and shampoos for bar soap – and use cosmetics firms that offer to recycle/refill their packaging.
  7. Download the Refill App at to see where you can get tap water on the go
  8. Find out which local shops can refill your detergent, laundry and shampoo bottles
  9. Use a laundry bag to avoid synthetic clothes shedding plastic microfibres in the wash
  10. Get to know what plastics you can and can’t recycle through your council recycling scheme (and try to cut down on the ones you can’t)

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