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Emma, Enea, Ollie and Teo Bonagura

Getting a veggie box or buying locally at small shops that sell veggies without packaging Shopping where we can fill up our own containers or use paper bags Saying no to plastic straws, plastic bags and plastic take away containers Asking for water refills when we're out and about Choosing food companies that use recyclable packaging for foods that are not fresh Making our own fermented veggies to reduce waste and to make food last longer Making our own kombucha and oat milk Buying second hand where possible or buying sustainable products that we can pass down through generations

Rodmell food forest

always carry a shopping bag.. refuse offers of glass and in bulk wherever possible, refill cleaning products

Marian B.

I buy products using a cotton bag and paper package for vegetables and bread. I recycle plastic when it's in the house and buy products made of recycled plastic, such as a dishwasher brush or shampoo in a recycled plastic bottle.

Duncan Rawson

Trying to reduce single-use plastic in the home to zero

David Matthews

I buy greengrocery loose from selected shops or the market. I have made and used seed trays made from scrap wood.

Natasha Padbury

Lobbying, giving tips regularly to others (colleagues, friends, family), buying no single plastic bottled drinks, reducing single wrapped kids snacks, decanting into Tupperware, local milk to my doorstep (from May’s Farm), refill shampoo and conditioner bar, deodorant in a recyclable tin, bamboo toothbrushes, no plastic filled kids party bags, use more raw materials to cook with than prepackaged convenience foods, refill washing liquids, make popcorn from kernels than buying crisps or packaged versions!

Charlie Dobres

Never buy water bottles any more.

Kathryn Carr

Re-use plastic bottles

Sam Trappitt

Decrease using plastic water bottles and refill instead.

charlie rogers

stop using plastic water bottles

ash paine

not buying plastic straws

michelle sweetman

Buy 75% more foods and household products at zero waste and refill my own shops.

East Sussex College, Lewes

Reduce use of plastic cups, cutlery, water bottles

Juliet Strang

Use farmers market Reuse plastic

Pam Roderick

I pledge to buy a reusable cup and refuse plastic in shops and not but bottled water

Rhian Cleverly

Promise to recycle all household waste as much as possible and encourage my house mates to do the same. Also buy a reusable bottle rather than plastic

Sara Newton

Making Eco bricks at home

Sara Newton

Making Eco bricks at home

Ann Atterbury Thomas

I do not use anything in or made of plastic


I pledge to cut out all plastic

Kirsten Firth

I pledge to buy non-packaged fruit & veg.

Pearl-Imogen Leader

No single use plastic purchases. Ordered a local fruit and veg box scheme to reduce plastic wrapping. Always have my reusable water bottle. Stopped buying takeaway food and drinks. Buy non plastic contains house paint. Try not to buy plastic whenever possible. Think plastic! mindset when purchasing anything, from furniture to wall paint to food.


I shall keep bothering my colleagues at work until it is simpler for them to do the right thing, and recycle absolutely everything.

Jay Kendall

Avoiding buying fruit in plastic netting, not buying coffee in takeaway containers, saying no to plastic carrier bags. Buying loose veg

Hilary Pogge von Strandmann

I pledge to use toothpaste and shampoo in non plastic containers, non plastic toothbrushes, cleaning products either in cardboard boxes or in bottles made purely out of recycled bottles with plant rather than oil surfactants (eg Frosch), to try my utmost not to buy anything wrapped in plastic (not quite achievable at the moment), to recycle carefully.

Caccia & Tails

We use compostable packaging We use paper carrier bags only We try and use paper packaging more than any other type We are very happy to put your takeaway in your own reusable products We are very happy to refill your water bottles We do not sell any drinks in plastic bottles

Soul Soup

We are vegan social business creating dishes using rescued produce that would have otherwise gone to landfill, in turn reducing carbon emissions. Environmental sustainability is paramount to our business and as a result we buy ingredients with minimal plastic or wherever possible plastic free, use compostable takeaway packaging, encourage the use of bring-your-own containers, refill water bottles, recycle and compost our waste and aim to be a zero-waste-business.

Nicky Turner

I pledge to go to the Living Plastic Free talk at the Depot on Saturday at 12pm

Chris Janes

_ using toilet rolls from Who Gives A Crap - No shower gel (soap dish instead)

Ethan Hadgkiss

reusing, recycling an entire school plastic.

Dougal Fleming

Not using plastic children's toys. Reducing my purchases of plastic food and product items. Making conscious business decisions that consider the half life of materials and products we use.

Ali Shine

I try to buy fruit and vegetables individually without wrapping. I also reuse and recycle when I can.

John Lamb

Buying less drinks in plastic bottles, ordering milk in glass bottles taking my own mug to coffee shops.

Jemima Ainsworth

I never buy any plastic water bottles and I try to use as little single use plastic as possible.

Natasha Caughey

We use our own bags when out shopping, buy loose fruit and veg from the precinct sellers and paper-wrapped fish and meat from Lewes Riverside sellers. We now buy 'Who gives a crap' toilet roll and tissues. We use reusable cups and refillable bottles as much as possible.


Moaning at my parents; being part of my schools ECO rep group; using re-usable metal bottles, crisp packets(once I use one packet I put a portion of crisps back in it ;

P Rankin-Smith

Soap nuts for washing machine ,soap shampoo conditioner body scub bars . Kitchen cleaning scourers etc . Always carry a reusable cup for coffee or water . Looking to take my own containers for food stuffs , just waiting for more shops offering this service .

Kate Minogue

I promise to use my existing plastic to get the most use possible out of it. I shall graciously refuse plastic gifts and promotional items. I shall use up my plastic pens BUT I'll use my ink pen more - particularly as it makes my writing look better!

Catrin John

I pledge to use plastic-free kitchen scrubbers

Angie Smith

am using reusable coffee cups and takeaway bottles and shopping bags and refusing plastic wrapped fruit and veg wherever possible.

Wallands Community Primary

We are re-establishing our Green Team to audit our use of plastic in school. We will also look to ensure we recycling/ re-using as much as possible.

Kathleen Sims

I always use my own shopping bags from home, I'm going to get my milk delivered in glass bottles and I always refuse a plastic straw. I'm also going to try out solid shampoo.

Nicky Roland

No single use plastics if at all possible not buying single use plastic bottles from shops Not buying coffee in take away cups Sourcing non plastic alternatives of the things I need to buy for my toddler Wooden and other material toys for my toddler

Ann Link

I take a reusable mug to have tea on trains and other events and travel. I take reusable containers to the Friday Food Market for pastries, salad, etc. , and bags for veg.

Heather Tomlinson Wrigley

I am consistently using Ecover products that can be refilled at the Lansdown Health Store on Cliffe High St. I carry material bags with me for shopping and also a reusable drinks cup, but I can do more & I will.

sophie larsen

buying food in tins. making my own hummus. refilling shampoo and washing up liquid from Lansdown Healthfood shop. only buying fruit n veg from the stall at cliffe. using the fish and butchers in Riverside as they use greaseproof paper for wrapping instead of plastic.

crawford wright

take away coffee

Simon Griffiths

I"m on board to rid Lewes of plastic!


I use a metal refill water bottle, I make my own toiletries, I buy loose fruit and veg, I buy clothes from charity shops and am continualy finding more ways to avoid single use plastics

Yolanda Herdman

to find a solution to the waste of pump action bottles by approaching businesses about refil toiletries and detergents

Andy Strickland

to cut down my use of plastic

jake yearsley

trying to use less plastic!

Erika Pepe

I live in Firle, we are trying as a village to think of ways we can collectively use less of everything so that Firle will have a lower carbon footprint.

Caroline Croft

At Patina we're trying to source non plastic alternatives for our arts materials.

Claire Fuller

We have been trying to use less plastic. Instead using reusable things. The big problem is buying foods from supermarkets covered in cling film. Instead we plan on visiting the Farmers Market more, and going through the house removing and reducing our plastic.

Robin Dance

To maintain my household waste levels to those of 2018: 1.84kg collected in 12 225g ground coffee bags.

Ned and Leo Henman

We will use bees wax wraps to wrap our snacks not cling film or plastic in our snack boxes!

Bowties, British Artisan Food and Drink

My pub will have a machine thats grinds glass into sand so part of beer garden will become a beach. Other plan is to have a big metal/wood sculpture which we will fill with non recycle plastic containers.

Ella Seabrook-Wafer

I pledge to cut down on single-use plastics where possible, and to encourage others to do the same.

Ellie Burall

I will do everything I can to reduce the amount of plastic I use in my own life and encourage people around me to do the same.

Debbie Hastie

I'm already doing my best I pledge to continue to find solutions to avoid the use of plastics

Jane Lee

To be more conscientious about buying plastic and ensuring I recycle all I can

Anita Walker

always take own paper bags to supermarket and market...try not to buy anything in one use plastic

Emily Dall

As a mother I am working hard to bring less into our home, rather than trying to recycle. We have switched to metal reusable bottles, we reuse paper bags at our local grocers, we take boxes or pots to the local butchers. It is imperative we change the tide on how we view plastic and the idea of 'disposable' - it isn't being disposed, it's just being removed from YOUR home.

Sussex university, Sinem Erkli

I may keep still buying plastic wrapped food but I don't use any disposable coffee cups. I pledge to do my best. I prefer to eat in always rather than supporting take away culture.


I pledge to only shave with re-usable metal razors

Maria Caulfield

All the team in my office are using refillable water bottles at work and are signed up to the refill app in Lewes and Seaford We also try to use refillable coffee cups as well. Parliament is going plastic free as well and I am lobbying supermarkets to reduce plastic packaging

Dahlan Lassalle

I pledge to stop using single use plastic bags for all my shopping and choose loose fruit and veg over produce that's wrapped in plastic.

Sue Fleming

I pledge to avoid all unnecessary single use, throwaway plastics. I will campaign to bring awareness and solutions to the problem.

Sam Holden

I take my shopping to the car in a basket, dump in the boot and then return basket. Easy!

Grassington Farm

As local organic farmers we pledge to reduce food miles with more local deliveries in reusable packaging, to recycle as much farm rubbish as we can, and to cut down on the plastic we use at home wherever possible.

Peter Ditch

I carry my own reusable cup for coffee and I never use plastic bags. I have my reusable bags for shopping.

Melinda Barrett

Because we need to protect our environment

Harri Wilson

I pledge to avoid single use plastic bottles and other single use plastic packaging wherever possible. I have just discovered bars of carbolic soap which can replace household cleaners for sinks etc. Also use deodorant bars; shampoo/conditioner bars or refills from our friendly local health food shop; washing liquid and washing up liquid refills from the same place; local veg box scheme and fruit and veg from the local veg stall to avoid plastic.

Claire Duc

I take my own containers to local shops and markets to buy loose produce, cleaning materials etc and avoid buying anything with plastic. I never buy single use plastic bottles and re-use plastic bags we already have over and over. We wash our clothes using a guppy bag and soap nuts.


Trying to leave the plastic at the shops, either by unwrapping, or buying elsewhere.

Tracy King

Sharing the joys of plastic free shampoo bars❣️xx

Kay Syrad

Buying food in local markets rather than supermarkets, using own containers; always carrying a keep-cup; growing own vegetables; more cooking and baking from scratch.

Julia Waterlow

I pledge to try and remember to take plastic containers when I go shopping...... so that I can take home things like loose soft veg such as mushrooms as well as meat, fish, cheese without the plastic or other packaging. It should be no more difficult than remembering to take a bag for the shopping as we had to do when plastic bags were banned.

Yve Akehurst

I pledge to NEVER buy single use plastic bottles again! I will make sure that I recycle everything I can possibly recycle. If anything can be re-used, re-gifted, given away or passed on to another I will do this. I will try and reduce my purchasing items covered in useless plastic. I will reduce my use of electric lighting, heating and reduce my indiscriminate use of water. I want to do my bit to change our world for the better!

St Pancras Catholic Primary School

Recycling plastic, refusing single use plastic, boycotting straws,

Richard Tyszkiewicz

Own water bottle, foldable shopping boxes in the car, won't buy over packaged products etc still working on the whole thing.

Helen Spencer

Am trying to tackle microplastic fibres by buying fewer clothes made from manmade materials. I'm also using a 'guppy bag' to wash clothes with any plastic fibre content to capture microfibres before they end up in the water system.

Dennis Yates

Liz Hill

I point out single use plastic to retailers and consumers whenever I can. I refuse to use single use plastic and I pledge to use reusable containers to buy fish, cheese, vegetables.. I take a bit more time to plan the household shopping so I always have reusable containers on hand.

Peter van Breda

Jenny van Breda

I buy fruit & veg locally & shop from Infinity Foods as much as possible to avoid plastic wrapping. I use jars, pots & bamboo tubs instead of cling film & plastic food bags. I do a plastic scan when food shopping online to remove plastic items before completing my order. I pledge to do more.

Jan Hunter

I will not buy any more plant pots or garden containers made of black plastic, which is not recyclable. If plants are only sold in these containers I will explain the problem to the vendors and ask for an alternative.


I never buy fruit or veg wrapped in plastic. This means when I shop at the supermarket there are limited items available, but all the basics are ok. Here's a list of what you CAN buy without take-home plastic: potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, onions, leeks, courgettes, aubergines, broccoli, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, bananas, apples, pears, citrus fruits... and more.

Meg Griffiths

Buying fruit/veg only in markets - contained where necessary in a paper bag ........ then into my cloth shopping bag. Everything about it enjoyable!!!

Diane Lance

Ann Westhuizen

I wash out sandwich and freezer bags until they wear out.Have also discovered a fabric sandwich bag which can be washed. Am trying to get the fish and chip shop to stop supplying polystyrene containers.

Lynda Durrant

I've recently discovered plastic free paint from Marchand Sons on Station Road. It's just made of pigment and linseed oil, will not flake or peel off, and is a beautiful non-toxic and waterproof paint for my shed. I'm trying to minimise any acrylic paint I use in my art from being flushed into the water system when I clean up brushes etc.

Juliet Eve

Most recently, I've been focusing on bathroom products, so I've found toothpaste powder in a glass jar, deodorant in either cardboard or a tube made of sugar cane, bamboo floss in a glass container, cand electric toothbrush heads which can be returned to the manufacturers when you are finished, and they recycle them. Also, from Lush, shampoo bars and sea salt hairspray - they have a closed loop recycling system and, according to the salesperson in Brighton, haven't made a new bottle for 8 years....

Arnold Simanowitz

Iain Yule

Have stopped buying liquid soap and shower gels - using bars of soap instead. A lot fewer plastic bottles going into recycling or being thrown away!

Juliet Oxborrow

To cut down on single-use plastic, I'm buying as much of my weekly grocery shop as possible at local markets and shops that are happy to refill containers and sell loose produce.

NTD Internet Solutions

Use reusable bags and bottles Reduce use of suppliers who package in plastic.

Chris Smedley

Avoiding buying food and goods wrapped in plastic if at all possible. Use reusable water bottle and coffee mug. Buying a sodastream. Use a cardboard box instead of a bag in the supermarket if I forget my bag for life.

Neil Turner

Buying glass bottles, carrying a reusable drinking container, preferring goods packaged in biodegradable materials over plastic. Encouraging others to do the same.

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  1. Neil Turner

    This is such a great idea


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